Carsharing's favorite: Our cityFlitzer

cityFlitzer - spontaneous and flexible to the max!

cityFlitzer are the station-independent offer of book-n-drive. Together with the station-based book-n-drive cars, they are an unbeatable combination in carsharing – all you need is one card to aceess both!

With the cityFlitzer you drive relaxed and very flexible.

- Without pre-booking or time limit
- Open-end up to two weeks
- Whether it is the airport, from city to city in the Rhine-Main area or for shopping.

How it works:

You can find a cityFlitzer near you by app and on, or you can take a cityFlitzer at any time spontaneously in one of the many cityFlitzer areas.

You can reserve a cityFlitzer for 30 minutes. That way you can be sure that nobody else can take the cityFlitzer while you are on your way to the vehicle. The time to be calculated starts with the reservation time.

cityFlitzer are opened spontaneously with the customer card (without booking). Simply hold the customer card in front of the card reader behind the windscreen. If the vehicle is not reserved, the card reader shows a flashing green light, the central locking system opens and you can get in. The key is in the glove box.

Your cityFlitzer journey begins and ends as soon as you have opened or closed the vehicle with the card or app.

cityFlitzer can be parked within the cityFlitzer areas wherever free parking is possible for at least 72 hours, regardless of where the car was taken from.

cityFlitzer areas can be found in Darmstadt, Dieburg, Frankfurt, Koblenz, Mainz, Offenbach, Roßdorf, Wiesbaden and at Frankfurt Airport. The system records the new location if the vehicle is returned within a valid cityFlitzer area. We have reserved parking spaces in many smaller cityFlitzer areas. You can recognize them by the book-n-drive signs. Here you can park the vehicle, if there is space, on a parking lot reserved for cityFlitzer. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will always find a free parking space. If there is no free space, please return the cityFlitzer in the next free cityFlitzer area.

New locations are constantly being added. On you will find the cityFlitzer areas near you!

One-way trips are currently charged with 3/6/10 Euro (one-way trip in the city / from city to city / from or to the airport).

Where can I find cityFlitzer?

You can always find the nearest cityFlitzer area near you on

393 cityFlitzer are currently available in Bingen, Darmstadt, Dieburg, Frankfurt am Main, Ingelheim, Koblenz, Mainz, Oberursel, Offenbach, Roßdorf and Wiesbaden.
In Frankfurt am Main there is one large and several smaller cityFlitzer areas. The larger cityFlitzer area comprises the inner city districts. Additional cityFlitzer areas in the surrounding districts, such as Höchst, Niederrad or Heddernheim, make commuting between the individual districts convenient and easy. At Frankfurt Airport as well as in Darmstadt, Mainz, Wiesbaden and other cities you will find additional cityFlitzer areas.

A part of our cityFlitzer areas can be found below. But it is best to have a look at and see for yourself where a cityFlitzer is located near you!

Frankfurt am Main:

Green cityFlitzer areas. The largest cityFlitzer area comprises the inner city districts. Within this area cityFlitzer can be removed and returned at will. Smaller cityFlitzer areas connect the outer districts to the cityFlitzer network.
We calculate the parking of a cityFlitzer outside the green marked cityFlitzer areas - depending on the effort for the return to the permitted area by book-n-drive with at least 15 Euro.
You can find an overview of the cityFlitzer areas here:
Important: cityFlitzer can only be returned in the marked areas. We charge 15 Euro per day for incorrectly parked cityFlitzer until the vehicle is back in a permitted area. These and other prices can also be found in our download area under "other prices and special conditions".

Special cityFlitzer locations: 

Free parking at Frankfurt / Main airport

We have reserved parking spaces for cityFlitzer at Frankfurt am Main Airport in a car park right next to Terminal 1. They can be parked or removed there. If you only want to park there in between, e.g. to pick someone up or accompany them, you can park there with the cityFlitzer for up to 3 hours free of charge. A description of how to get to the parking lot can be found here.

Central Station Frankfurt am Main

We have also reserved fixed parking spaces at Frankfurt Main Central Station where you can drop off and pick up your cityFlitzer.

You can also see how to get there and get there in the download area.