Jetzt auch in Fürth!
cityFlitzer 2.0
The new cityFlitzer, now with Bluetooth and parking assistant.

Diverse range of cars

Out with the fam, huge shopping tour, moving homes or just quickly from A to B in the city? Get a car for every purpose!

Strong network

1,000+ cars in the Rhine-Main area and thousands of vehicles throughout Germany in the Flinkster network of Deutsche Bahn!

Easy & uncomplicated

Including fuel, maintenance and comprehensive insurance in the largest station network in the Rhine-Main area at fair, attractive prices.

Unsere cityFlitzer

stationsflexibles Carsharing

Flexibilität, Freiheit und Spontanität. Das sind unsere über 400 cityFlitzer. cityFlitzer sind das stationsflexible Carsharing-Angebot von book-n-drive. cityFlitzer können Sie von Stadt zu Stadt fahren, ohne Buchung oder Zeitlimit, open-end bis zu zwei Wochen. 

Jetzt auch in Fürth!

Das erste kombinierte Carsharing‑Angebot

In der fränkischen Stadt Fürth stehen den Kunden ab sofort ein vielseitiges Angebot zur Verfügung: Elf stationsbasierte Fahrzeuge an sechs Stationen, darunter am Hauptbahnhof und am Rathaus, sowie weitere zehn cityFlitzer, das open-end Einweg-Angebot von book-n-drive. Fürther Kunden können book-n-drive kostenlos mit Startguthaben kennenlernen. 

The book-n‑drive App

Carsharing for on the go

Always find the right car when you’re out and about, there is the free book-n-drive app for Android and iOS.

With the app you can find our station-independent cityFlitzer as well as station-based cars near you.

Free download:

Carsharing for companies

The right car for every situation

As a book-n-drive customer, cars are available to you at any time throughout Germany. The book-n-drive fleet ranges from small cars to vans and 9‑seater buses.