What is the difference between carsharing and car rental?

1. From half an hour: Unlike classic car rental, book-n-drive allows you to book vehicles from half an hour. Of course you can also book our vehicles longer, e. g. to drive with it on vacation to Italy.

2. No mileage limit: in carsharing, there is no mileage limit and you do not have to specify how many kilometres you intend to drive before driving.

3. That's how much it costs: The price for a trip always consists of a time price and a kilometer price. Additionally, there is a basic price per trip, which includes the “fair-crash” – the small claims fair. Important: Fuel is already included in the kilometre price!

4. Refuelling: In contrast to car rental, in carsharing you do not have to fill up your car after every trip, only if the tank is ¼ full. You can refuel comfortably using a book-n-drive fuel card stored in the vehicle (glove box).

5. Availability around the clock: We offer you a fully-fledged alternative to your own car. This also means that you can use the vehicle around the clock. Book your next free car and then open it with your customer card.

6. No parking worries: Our vehicles are parked on reserved parking spaces. When you book a vehicle, you know exactly where it is and where you can park it after the trip. One-way trips with vehicles from these reserved parking spaces are not possible. For one-way trips, use our station independent cityFlitzer!