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Flexible & transparent

Find the right fit, every day new

Get to know a new way of traveling – no strings attached. There are no hidden costs or ongoing fees with our basic tarif - you only pay per ride! The cost per ride is a combination of time and kilometers and billed per 30-minute tact. This way your costs stay transparent and you have maximum flexibility!

Ein Parkplatz in einer deutschen Stadt mit verschiedenen weißen book-n-drive-Fahrzeugen.

Full variety

Which car are you getting today?

Choose between over 1,000 different cars. Whether a convertible today and a compact car tomorrow. With book-n-drive you will always find the right one. How about an electric car? With a reserved parking spot or a flexible drop-off? We got you! Thanks to our combined carsharing of stationary cars and station-flexible ones (cityFlitzer) you can always choose whatever is right for you each time. This way you are even more flexible than with a privately owned car!

Sustainable – always

The environment matters

Let’s change the way we travel! On average one book-n-drive car replaces around 20 individually owned cars! On top of that, we are continuously increasing the number of e-cars in our fleet. Committing to the German renowned certificate "Blauer Engel" allows us to constantly monitor and keep our sustainability goals.

Zwei Verkehrsschilder. Eines sieht wie ein Ortsausfahrts-Schild aus, es steht ein durchgestrichenes Wort Autokauf darauf. Das andere ist weiß und zeigt nach rechts, es steht Carsharing darauf.

Perfectly connected

Strong alliances for a better future

We can only do it together: In order to change our mobility habits we are cooperating with regional school, colleges, public transportation, cities and communes. Germany-wide we have also teamed up with Flinkster, the carsharing network of the Deutsche Bahn Connect and are sharing our fleet.

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Ride examples

Opel Corsa

City ride

3 hours, 30 km
class S

€ 20,16 *
VW Golf

Field trip

day, 80 km
class M

€ 69,40 *
Opel Zafira


6 hours, 50 km
class L

€ 50,18 *
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* in our Abo tarif. Our basic tarif has higher individual rates. Gas is always included.

What customers say about us

ca. 40-jähriger mitteleuropäischer Mann mit schwarzen Haaren und Brille mit schwarzem Kunststoffgestell. Bartansatz.

I sold my car two years ago. Zero regrets! No more trying to find a parking spot or paying for pricey updates at the garage.

Ralf T. (39)
from Offenbach
Frau ca. Mitte 30, lange braune Haare, helle Haut.

Every two weeks I drop off my kids at their grandparents. Including all their gear and bikes - of course. Getting a bigger car with book-n-drive is perfect for that.

Natascha S. (34)
from Mainz
Frau Anfang 20 mit schwarzen halblangen Haaren, asiatische Wurzeln, Brille mit schwarzem Kunststoffgestell.

I am a student and don't own a car. I mostly use public transportation within the city and if I do end up needing a car I take one from book-n-drive.

Kim Z. (23)
from Frankfurt
Mann ca. Mitte 50, Mitteleuropäer, randlose Brille, kurze braun-graue Haare, Vollbart

I actually sat down and looked at what my compact car cost me per month, gas, bills and insurances and whatnot. No thanks. I switched to book-n-drive.

Manfred P. (52)
from Nuremberg

Where to find us

Where is your next car?

At book-n-drive you can always choose between different car categories and pick on out of over 1,000 cars! Also get the right one for your ride!

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