What are tariff partners and cost centres?

Tariff partners in the company tariff are authorised persons or cost centres of the main customer with their own customer number, security package and customer card.

In the company tariff, you have the option of creating so-called company tariff partners, employees and company tariff partners, cost centers via the main customer number. There is no limit to the number of tariff partners. This option allows you to customize your mobility needs.

Company tariff partners Employees and company tariff partners Cost centers each receive their own customer number, their own mobility passports and their own security packages. Tariff partners do not receive their own invoice. All costs incurred by tariff partners are billed to the main customer.

Bookings in the company tariff are made exclusively via tariff partners and not via the main customer.

Comparison company tariff partners employee and cost centre


Tariff partner employees

Tariff partner cost centre

Own customer number or bookings yes


Maximum number of Customer Cards


up to 4

Max. number of parallel bookings



Customer card transferable



Price per Customer card

one-time 29€ gross

one-time per card 29€ gross

Tariff partners can be created in the login area of the main customer under the heading Contract data.