Price calculator

The price for a trip is made up of the time price and the kilometre price. Each kilometre driven is calculated with a fixed kilometre flat rate, there is no kilometre restriction. The kilometre flat rate already includes fuel!

Basic Subscribtion
Basic price per month monthly change possible none 9,90 €
Vehicle category
Time for the trip
Best price automatic:
Daily price instead of hourly price, if cheaper
1,00 € 1,00 €
Kilometer incl. fuel
For station-based cars:
from the 51st kilometre reduced km-price
2,50 € 1,50 €
Base price per ride incl. faircrash® 2,00 € inklusive
Total price (vat. inc.) Incl. fuel, comprehensive insurance and cover letter 5,50 € 6,50 €

cityFlitzer one-way trips: one-way surcharge 3 / 6 / 10€ (City / from city to city / airport)

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At a glance

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