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Here are our FAQ!


How can I register?

You can register directly online using There is a on-off registration fee of 19 Euro. 

After successful registration you will receive a password and a customer number by e-mail. You can pickup your book-n-drive card, the card for all cars, at our activation points in the Rhine-Main area.

Is there a minimum age at book-n-drive to become a customer?

Yes. You must be at least 18 years old.

Is my foreign driver´s licence valid?

EU driver´s licences are valid. Unfortunately, we cannot accept other driver´s licences, including international ones.

What is the difference between carsharing and car rental?

1. From half an hour: Unlike classic car rental, book-n-drive allows you to book vehicles from half an hour. Of course you can also book our vehicles longer, e. g. to drive with it on vacation to Italy.

2. No mileage limit: in carsharing, there is no mileage limit and you do not have to specify how many kilometres you intend to drive before driving.

3. That's how much it costs: The price for a trip always consists of a time price and a kilometer price. Additionally, there is a basic price per trip, which includes the “fair-crash” – the small claims fair. Important: Fuel is already included in the kilometre price!

4. Refuelling: In contrast to car rental, in carsharing you do not have to fill up your car after every trip, only if the tank is ¼ full. You can refuel comfortably using a book-n-drive fuel card stored in the vehicle (glove box).

5. Availability around the clock: We offer you a fully-fledged alternative to your own car. This also means that you can use the vehicle around the clock. Book your next free car and then open it with your customer card.

6. No parking worries: Our vehicles are parked on reserved parking spaces. When you book a vehicle, you know exactly where it is and where you can park it after the trip. One-way trips with vehicles from these reserved parking spaces are not possible. For one-way trips, use our station independent cityFlitzer!

What does book-n-drive cost?

For the easy and quick online registration initial cost of 19 € will accrue.

book-n-drive offers you tariffs for every need- from low-drivers without a basic price to frequent drivers with particularly low fares. All fares have two things in common: very low fixed costs and fares that always include fuel, parking (stationary cars), insurance (third party and fully comprehensive insurance), cover and book-n-drive care and maintenance.

Booking + Driving

What does a trip cost me?

book-n-drive offers you tariffs for every need- from low-drivers without a basic price to frequent drivers with particularly low fares. All fares have two things in common: very low fixed costs and fares that always include fuel, parking (stationary cars), insurance (third party and fully comprehensive insurance), cover and book-n-drive care and maintenance.

For concrete information, use our price calculator.

How do I book a car?

We have a free app for it! Alternatively you can find and reserve cityFlitzer and station-based cars via

How do I open a car?

Hold your costumer card in front of the card reader, which is behind the windscreen. If the car is booked on you, or free, the light switches to green. This may take a few moments. In the app under “bookings” you can open and close the car with your smartphone opening code (mobile PIN). For cityFlitzer this is possible if a pre-booking has been made. You will find your mobile PIN in your account when you log in.

Wie beende ich eine Fahrt?

So beenden Sie Ihre book-n-drive Fahrt: 

1) Fahrzeugschlüssel zurück in die Halterung im Handschuhfach stecken. Der Schlüssel hängt an einem runden Datenchip, welcher wieder zurück in die Halterung im Handschuhfach gesteckt werden muss. Bitte legen Sie den Schlüssel nicht einfach in das Handschuhfach, ohne den Datenchip wieder in die Halterung zu stecken. Der nächste Kunde könnte das Fahrzeug nicht öffnen, und es würde ein kostenpflichtiger Technikereinsatz notwendig werden.

2) Kundenkarte von außen an die Windschutzscheibe halten und warten bis das Licht auf rot springt. Alternativ können Sie diesen Schritt auch per book-n-drive App machen. 

Solange Sie das Auto nutzen, öffnen und schließen Sie es mit dem Autoschlüssel!

What do I have to consider before driving?

Before you drive, always check the car for damage and defects. We mark damages, which we already know, with a small sticker with a green tick. New unmarked damage should be reported to the service centre on 069 . 5899 622 22 before the start of the trip. Minor damage reported that fall under the rules of the faircrash™ minor damage goodwill, you do not have to report.

Who will help me, if I have any questions?

For all questions or concerns you reach us under the telephone number 069 . 5899 622 22 or by mail under

How do I find out which cars are available where?

On you can see all cityFlitzer and station-based cars in your area. Click on a “book” symbol to see the details of your station-based car. Alternatively, use our free app!

How long do I have to book in advance to get a car?

You can book a car at any time without any lead time. Around 80% of all trips are booked on the same day. However, if you need a special car (e. g. a transporter) or are planning a longer journey, it makes sense to reserve your desired vehicle as early as possible. All cityFlitzer can be spontaneously removed from their car park or reserved 30 minutes in advance via or app.

Do I have to park the car where I picked it up?

cityFlitzer can be parked flexibly in the Frankfurter cityFlitzer area and at the cityFlitzer pools in the Rhine-Main area. Station-based cars have their own permanent parking space and have to be returned there and there only.

What are cityFlitzer?

cityFlitzer is the name of the popular station independent car at book-n-drive. cityFlitzer can be removed spontaneously and returned – without booking or time limit – for up to two weeks, regardless of the place of removal. Find out more here: cityFlitzer

What are station-based cars?

Station-based cars have a reserved parking space where you can pick up and return the car. Choose your booking time and the right car. From Smart, small car, electric car, convertible to van and 9-seater bus everything is there – even automatic vehicles. In the Rhine-Main area you will find over über 700 station-based book-n-drive cars. Book-n-drive is a partner in the Deutsche Bahn´s Flinkster network. In addition, you can choose from thousands of cars throughout Germany.

All cars that do NOT have cityFlitzer branding on them are station-based cars and must be returned to the original parking space upon return.

How can I change or cancel a booking?

You can view and change your bookings on our website and in the app at any time. For example, if you want to change the period, simply enter the new times under “Change booking”. Please avoid cancelling a trip and re-entering it, otherwise the system will charge you avoidable cancellation fees and additional charges the cost of the new booking.

You can cancel your booking free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the booking period. After that 50% of the time price will be charged. If the booking period is more than 24 hours, the period up to which free cancellation is possible will be extended to the booking period. Please also use our app or website for cancellations. If this is not possible, you can reach us by telephone: 069 . 5899 622 22.

cityFlitzer are free and flexible: Reservations are only possible 30 minutes beforehand, you can decide the period of use spontaneously. The booking period begins at the time of reservation.

What if I am late or want to extend my trip?

If you notice during the trip that you will be late and cannot return the car within booked time, inform the service centre immediately (069 . 5899 622 22). If an extension is not possible due to a follow-up booking and you still return the vehicle late, we will charge a lump sum for the cost of rebooking the following customer. A higher flat rate will be charged for delays without prior notification of the service centre. In 90% of cases, you can easily extend your booking with a timely call and only pay for the extra time.

What has to be considered when travelling abroad?

International trips generally require the approval of book-n-drive.

  1. Trips to our Western European neighbours (Belgium, Denmark, France, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland) are generally permitted. You can leave on the spur of the moment. However, we recommend that you register your trip with our customer service department so that we can clean and check the car before you leave.
  2. For journeys to all other European countries the following applies: You must register the journey with book-n-drive customer service beforehand and have it approved in writing, e.g. by e-mail. book-n-drive is entitled to refuse the reduction of liability in the event of damage without the corresponding authorisation. Please note that journeys to or through certain Eastern European countries (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Moldova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus) and all non-European countries (e.g. Morocco, Tunisia) are not possible due to the increased risk. Special permits for these countries will only be issued under special conditions and, if necessary, with certain conditions.

Please note the following information when travelling abroad:

  • The original vehicle license and a warning vest are always in the car.
  • As a customer you are responsible for compliance with foreign legal regulations (e.g. motorway vignettes, owner's certificate for export of the vehicle to Poland, replacement bulb set for the Czech Republic, bulb masking for Great Britain and Ireland, temporary winter tyre obligation in Austria, any additional warning vests required). book-n-drive will not assume any costs for this.
  • If possible, please also use the DKV fuel card abroad, which is valid throughout Europe. Should you nevertheless pay for refuelling abroad yourself, please send the original receipt for reimbursement to book-n-drive, Service Office Rhine-Main, Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 5, 65719 Hofheim am Taunus. Please understand that we can only refund the net amount of foreign receipts, as we are unable to obtain a refund of foreign value added Tax.
Can I take my pet in the car?

Yes, animals may be carried in suitable transport containers or in the luggage area with a suitable base. Please do not leave your pet on the cushions.

Can I let someone else drive?

Yes, as long as you are sitting next to it, the driver needs a valid driver´s licence and is fit to drive. Cars that are booked on you may be driven by other book-n-drive customers even in your absence.

What do I do if I have an accident?

In the event of an accident, please call our hotline on 069 . 5899 622 22. There you will receive all necessary assistance. After the accident, we need the completed and signed accident report within two days for the insurance and further claims.

What should I do if my booked car is damaged or if the booster seat is missing?

If the car you have booked is actually not in perfect condition, please inform us directly on 069 . 5899 622 22.

Can I smoke in the car?

No. The smell of smoke is bothersome to other users and to protect children in particular, it is not allowed to smoke in book-n-drive cars.

Darf ich während der Buchung mein Privatauto an der Station zwischenparken?

Das Parken mit Fremdfahrzeugen auf book-n-drive Parkplätzen ist grundsätzlich nicht erlaubt. An manchen Stationen werden Bußgelder verhängt und auch Abschleppungen sind möglich, die Parkraumüberwachung wurde an externe Firmen ausgelagert. Bitte verstehen Sie, dass auch während der Buchung hier keine Ausnahme gilt.

Was ist ein Kombi-Paket?

Mit unseren Kombi-Paketen können Sie auf langer Fahrt Geld sparen! 

Kombi-Paket heißt: Sie buchen ein festes Paket bestehend aus Tages- und Kilometerpauschalen zu einem besonders attraktiven Preis.

Welche Pakete wir aktuell anbieten, erfahren Sie hier: Zu den Kombi-Paketen

Darf ich das Auto in die Waschanlage bringen?

Klar! Wenn Sie möchten, können Sie ihr entnommenes book-n-drive Auto kostenlos in die Waschanlage bringen.

Ähnlich wie beim Tanken, geht dies nur bei DKV-Tankstellen mit der DKV-Tankkarte im Handschuhfach. Wir übernehmen die Kosten für eine Autowäsche von 10 Euro bzw. das Basic-Waschprogramm der Waschanlage. 


Kann ich auch ohne Kundenkarte Autos nutzen?

Na klar! Wer seine Kundenkarte mal nicht dabei hat oder sie verloren hat, kann problemlos ein Auto über öffnen. Wie das geht, erklären wir hier.

Wie kann ich ein book-n-drive E-Fahrzeug während der Buchung zwischenladen?

Wenn bei längeren Fahrten ein Zwischenladen an der Ladesäule der Station nicht möglich ist, erlaubt book-n-drive auch das Laden an den Ladepunkten, im europaweiten DKV-Ladeverbund (siehe Karte). Die DKV-Ladekarte befindet sich im Handschuhfach. Für mit der DKV-Ladekarte gebuchte Ladevorgänge gelten strenge Zeitlimits. An Wechselstrom Ladesäulen (AC) gilt ein Limit von 210 Minuten, an Gleichstrom Ladesäulen (DC) dürfen maximal 90 Minuten geladen werden. Für Zeitüberschreitungen berechnet DKV Zusatzkosten in Höhe von neun Cent je Minute. book-n-drive belastet dem Verursacher den von DKV berechneten Aufpreis, mindestens jedoch 7,50 EUR je Vorgang. Eine Übersicht der Aufpreise finden Sie in den weiteren Preisen und Sonderbedingungen auf unserer Webseite.

Wie speichere ich auf meinem Handy ab?

Unsere Webseite st der einfachste und schnellste Weg ein book-n-drive Auto zu buchen.

Hier finden Sie immer aktualisiert und übersichtlich alle verfügbaren stationsbasierten Autos.

Um Ihnen den Zugriff noch einfacher zu machen, empfehlen wir Ihnen die Webseite zu Ihrem Handybildschirm zu ergänzen, quasi im Look einer normalen App.

So funktioniert's



Do I have to refuel the car?

Yes, but at our expense and only if the tank is a quarter or less full on return. In practice, this is only the case for one in eight journeys. Every car is equipped with a fuel card which you can use to pay for your petrol at the largest petrol station chains (look out for the sign saying “DKV”) without cash. In the cityFlitzer App you can see all DKV petrol stations in your area. The tank PIN is on your key ring.

Video tutorial: Refuelling

I filled up the tank and paid myself – how do I get my money back?

Important: Tank refunds are exceptions. You can refuel at all DKV gas stations. You can recognise them by the DKV logo at the entrance to the petrol station. You can find the nearest DKV gas station on or with the DKV app.


In exceptional cases, please send the original fuel receipt to our service office (Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 5, 65719 Hofheim am Taunus). We will refund the amount with the next invoice. However, please keep a copy of the fuel receipt for your records if the original receipt is lost by post.


You will find the tank refund form in our download section.

Wissenswertes und wichtige Informationen zum Thema AdBlue

Zum Tanken von AdBlue können Sie unsere DKV-Tankkarten nutzen. Tankstellen finden Sie hier. Bitte tanken Sie AdBlue ausschließlich an AdBlue-Zapfsäulen und nicht in Kanistern!

Alles Wissenswertes zum Thema AdBlue finden Sie hier in einem guten Artikel oder hier in einem guten Video des ADAC.

Information zur Nutzung unserer E-Fahrzeuge

Eine wichtige Information für alle, die unsere wachsende Flotte an E-Fahrzeugen nutzen. Bei Nutzung der DKV-Ladekarten gibt es neue Regeln:

  1. Ladevorgänge an der Heimatstation autorisieren Sie mit der Karte des örtlichen Anbieters, die im Auto bereitliegt
  2. Ladevorgänge an Ladesäulen fern der Heimatstation autorisieren Sie mit der DKV-Ladekarte

Für mit der DKV-Ladekarte gebuchte Ladevorgänge gibt es ab sofort strenge Zeitlimits:

An Wechselstrom Ladesäulen (AC) gilt ein Limit von 210 Minuten, an Gleichstrom Ladesäulen (DC) dürfen maximal 90 Minuten geladen werden. Für Zeitüberschreitungen berechnet DKV Zusatzkosten in Höhe von neun Cent je Minute.

Die von DKV bei Überschreitung der Zeitlimits abgerechneten Kosten belasten wir deshalb wie folgt:

Autostrom an Ladesäulen im DKV-Netz

AC-Laden nach 210 Minuten Ladezeit – je Minute                            0,09 €

DC-Laden nach 90 Minuten Ladezeit – je Minute                              0,09 €

Mindestens pro Vorgang                                                                                7,50 €

Wir möchten DKV-Ladekarten auch in Zukunft in unseren E-Autos vorhalten, um weitere Fahrten zu ermöglichen. Wir benötigen hier Ihre Mithilfe, damit die Kosten im Rahmen bleiben. Daneben arbeiten wir daran, den Anteil an E-Fahrzeugen von aktuell rund 10% weiter auszubauen. 

Contract + Insurance

Welche Tarife gibt es bei book-n-drive?

Die book-n-drive Tarifstruktur ist ganz einfach:

Privatkunden bieten wir unseren Basic- und unseren Abo-Tarif an.

Unser Basic-Tarif ist für Carsharing-Einsteiger gut geeignet. Der Basic-Tarif hat keinen monatlichen Grundpreis, Kunden zahlen in diesem Tarif nur, wenn sie unsere Carsharing-Fahrzeuge nutzen.

Unser Abo-Tarif ist für regelmäßige Nutzer und Carsharing-Vielfahrer gut geeignet. Kunden zahlen in unserem Abo-Tarif einen monatlichen Grundpreis von 9,90 EUR, dafür sind aber die Nutzungskosten (Stunden- und Tagespreis) gegenüber dem Basic-Tarif rabattiert. Zudem ist in unserem Abo-Tarif der Grundpreis je Fahrt inklusive unserer faircrash-Regelung inkludiert.

Firmenkunden / Organisationen / Unternehmern bieten wir unseren Firmentarif an. Dieser Firmentarif verfügt über einen 50 % Rabatt auf den Stunden- und Tagespreis von montags – freitags von 6:00 Uhr – 16:00 Uhr.

Mit unserem Online-Preisrechner können Sie die Kosten vor der Fahrt simulieren, ganz transparent.

How do I choose a new tariff?

You can choose a new tariff at any time. The tariff can be changed at the beginning of the month with a notice period of two weeks. Simply send us an e-mail to with the subject "Tariff change".

Wie buche ich das Service-Paket

Sie können das Servicepaket ganz einfach direkt in Ihrem Kundenkonto hinzubuchen: Loggen Sie sich ein. Unter dem Menü-Punkt „Mein Konto“ und dem Reiter „Vertragsdaten“ setzen Sie einfach den Haken beim Servicepaket. Damit ist das Servicepaket ab sofort aktiviert für Sie.

Das Service-Paket beinhaltet zwei kostenlose Upgrades der Fahrzeugklasse pro Kalenderjahr. Zudem reduziert sich die Standard-Selbstbeteiligung von 1.500 EUR auf nur 300 EUR. Das Service-Paket kostet 90 EUR pro Jahr und hat eine Laufzeit von 12 Monaten.

What does a service package include?

The serive package from book-n-drive includes:

  •  Liability in case of damage reduced to 300 Euro
  • Two free vehicle class upgrades per calendar year

The service package has a term of one year and is automatically extended if it is not cancelled six weeks before expiry. The cancellation form can be found here.

Parallel bookings: The vehicles booked in parallel may only be driven by activated customers. For a non-customer to be allowed to drive a book-n-drive vehicle, the book-n-drive customer through whom the booking is made must also be in the vehicle.

This is how you book your free upgrade of a vehicle class: 

1) Book your desired upgrade station car (i.e. one class higher) as usual via the website or app.

2) Before you start your journey, write an email to stating your customer number and which journey it is.

3) Customer Service will process your request and set the upgrade in the system. For example, if you have booked an M class car, it will be billed as the cheaper S class. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail.

Important: No retroactive upgrade. Make sure that you write to us before you start your journey!

How am I insured if I use a book-n-drive car?

As a user of a book-n-drive car, you are insured with fully comprehensive insurance and motor vehicle liability. You can determine the amount of the excess in the event of a claim yourself by choosing your safety package.

What is faircrash?

The faircrash® Small Claims Cancellation covers small, individual damages to sheet metal and plastic parts (e.g. bumpers, panels, etc.). faircrash fairness simplifies the handling of book-n-drive cars and, in particular, the inspection of the car for new damage before the start of the journey. Minor damages that fall under the faircrash® Minor Loss Cancellation do not have to be reported. No excess will be charged to the customer for these damages.

The following minor damages are covered by faircrash®:

  1. Individual scratches without dents up to the length of an EC card (8 cm)
  2. Single dents up to the size of a 2-Euro piece
What are tariff partners and cost centres?

Tariff partners in the company tariff are authorised persons or cost centres of the main customer with their own customer number, security package and customer card.

In the company tariff, you have the option of creating so-called company tariff partners, employees and company tariff partners, cost centers via the main customer number. There is no limit to the number of tariff partners. This option allows you to customize your mobility needs.

Company tariff partners Employees and company tariff partners Cost centers each receive their own customer number, their own mobility passports and their own security packages. Tariff partners do not receive their own invoice. All costs incurred by tariff partners are billed to the main customer.

Bookings in the company tariff are made exclusively via tariff partners and not via the main customer.

Comparison company tariff partners employee and cost centre


Tariff partner employees

Tariff partner cost centre

Own customer number or bookings yes


Maximum number of Customer Cards


up to 4

Max. number of parallel bookings



Customer card transferable



Price per Customer card

one-time 29€ gross

one-time per card 29€ gross

Tariff partners can be created in the login area of the main customer under the heading Contract data.

Is there a minimum term form my book-n-drive contract?

No. You can change a chargeable tariff (comfort and subscription) to the free basic tariff 14 days before the end of the month. You can make the change either by telephone, informally by e-mail or with the tariff change form, which you can find in our "Downloads".

Our service office in Hofheim can be reached from Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00 at 069 . 5899 622 22.

The Premium security package is booked for one year and can be cancelled in writing 6 weeks before the contract is extended.

You can find information about the cancellation period here.

What do I do if I want to cancel my contract?

First check whether it makes more sense to switch to a tariff without an on-going charge (Basic tariff). So you can continue to use book-n-drive if you need a car again. You will find the appropriate tariff change form in the download area.

If you are sure that you no longer wish to use book-n-drive, you can cancel your contract with six weeks' notice to the end of the quarter. Please send us your signed cancellation by letter, fax or scan to our service office in Wiesbaden (Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 5, 65719 Hofheim am Taunus; Fax: 069 . 5899 622 22; Mail: ).

How do I cancel my security package?

You can cancel your security package (old) and your service package using the following form.

Wie melde ich mich vom Newsletter ab?

Sie können sich ganz einfach von unserem Newsletter abmelden. Öffnen Sie dazu eines unserer letzten Mailings. Im unteren Teil finden Sie einen Abmelde-Link. Klicken Sie darauf und Sie sind automatisch abgemeldet! Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir Ihnen weiterhin für vertragsrelevante Themen eine Email schreiben. 

So sieht der Abmelde-Link aus: 


Fleet + Stations

Do all cars have an environmental badge?

Yes, you can find detailed information on the environmental badges in the car equipment list.

Are there cars with child seats?

In order for you to be able to drive with your family, you will find a booster seat in every book-n-drive car.

How many cars are there and where?

We are the largest carsharing provider in the Rhine-Main area and currently have  über 1.000   cars in the Rhine-Main area, including Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Mainz and Wiesbaden. Have a look yourself at We constantly extend our station network. If you do not have a book-n-drive station near yet, please send us an email to

Are there electric vehicles?

Yes, check out and use the filter on the left hand panel to search for “E-Auto”.

Do the cars have winter tyres?

All book-n-drive cars are equipped with all-season tyres bearing the M+S symbol. These tyres are considered winter tyres.

In rare cases, summer tyres may also be fitted. You can find detailed information about the tyres in the equipment list in the car.

Book-n-drive and the “Blauer Engel” (Blue Angel) eco-label

Since January 2019 book-n-drive has been awarded the "Blue Angel" eco-label. For 40 years, the “Blauer Engel” has been the federal government's proven eco-label in all consumer-relevant areas. Independent and credible, it sets demanding standards for environmentally friendly products and services. We are the third carsharing provider in Germany to be awarded the eco-label. The “Blauer Engel”l is a signpost for our future and offers an independent control authority to make environmentally compatible decisions for our vehicle fleet. This is an audit that we will now be facing every year. With the “Blauer Engel”, we want above all to send you a promise:

With book-n-drive you not only make a good decision for yourself, but also for the environment!

Find out here how you can protect the environment a little with a conscious driving style every time you drive.

How do I find the parking spots at Frankfurt Airport?

You can find a description of how to get to the cityFlitzer parking spaces at Frankfurt Airport here.


Can I specify another invoice recipient?

Yes, just send an e-mail to . However, we cannot invoice individual journeys via other invoice recipients. It is also not possible to change invoices at a later date.

I would like to pay my invoice later - what can I do?

In this case, please contact our customer accounting department, either by e-mail to or by phone 069 . 5899 622 22.

How can I redeem my voucher code?

Step 1: In order to redeem your voucher code, you must first register with book-n-drive. Registration is free for the "Basic" tariff. After completing the registration you will receive a confirmation email with your access data.

Step 2: Register now in the customer area and enter your voucher code under the menu item "Fahrtguthaben-Übersicht".

How do I redeem my voucher?

Vouchers without a voucher code are only valid for first-time registrations and cannot be redeemed at a later date. Please send the voucher after your successful registration to the book-n-drive service office, Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 5, 65719 Hofheim am Taunus.

Only one voucher can be redeemed per main customer. Vouchers cannot be redeemed in combination. There is no legal claim to the redemption or payment of vouchers.

I have a complaint about my invoice – who can help me?

Just send an e-mail to . We will get in touch with you.

Why was an Ultimate-fuelling calculated on my invoice?

Please do not refuel with so-called "Ultimate" fuels! These types of fuel are considerably more expensive than the standard types. Tests have shown, however, that possible advantages of these new types do not justify the high price. If you do refuel with an "Ultimate" fuel, we will charge you a surcharge of 10 cents per litre, but at least 5 euros. We ask for your understanding.

When will I receive my invoice?

Invoices are usually issued on the Wednesday of the week following the end of the trip and are then due for payment within 10 days.

For the sake of simplification, however, frequent customers only receive an invoice every 4 weeks, unless the accrued travel costs are significantly higher than with previous invoices. For basic prices, fees etc. the regulation applies accordingly.